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Watch: Our Webinar on Reporting Sustainability

The tipping point that we and our planet have reached. Journalists needing to connect the dots as sustainability is a multi-beat story, use statistics as allies in reporting. Ways of breaking down big concepts like sustainability in illustrations. Realizations that many of today’s challenges are due to pre-existing conditions around inequity, lack of respect for rights, but thrown out into the open by COVID-19. Southeast Asian citizens seeing climate change as a clear and present danger we are already living in.

That’s a mouthful – but indeed, we covered a lot of ground in our 14 Dec 2021 webinar, entitled ‘Reporting Sustainability: Views from Southeast Asia’. We also shared highlights from our survey among journalists around how they view sustainability as news, and what topics they see under it.

You can watch and listen to the discussion, which includes a talk-show type conversation, in the YouTube link below or in our Facebook page here.

We’re also sharing here the slide deck that I used at the webinar, around sustainability as a multi-beat story, the challenges of storytelling in text, visuals and data. For a look at our infographics and data visualization around sustainability, check out our ‘S Files’ set here.

Reporting ASEAN editor/founder Johanna Son

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