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ASEAN@50? Come to the 2016 Reporting ASEAN media forum

BANGKOK, Oct 7 (Reporting ASEAN) – On its 50th year, has ASEAN matured or is it in mid-life crisis? What are the milestones as it ends its first year as a community? Is the development gap among ASEAN member states narrowing? How do citizens see ASEAN? What face of ASEAN do the media convey in their reporting?

These are just some of the questions that will be discussed and debated at the Asean2016 no aReporting ASEAN media forum 2016, to be held on Dec. 2-4, 2016 at The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

As in the first media forum on ASEAN-related issues held in 2015, the December forum will feature a diverse mix of plenary and parallel sessions, talk-show discussions, presentations of video and news reports – all about reporting about ASEAN integration and regionalism, looking into the relevance of the regional organization and the challenges and impact of the ASEAN integration process on the development of the region.

AirAsia Group chief Tony Fernandes, whose low-cost budget airline is supporting the travel of journalists and other participants to the Reporting ASEAN media forum, as well as top officials from the Jakarta-based ASEAN secretariat, will make keynote remarks.

The forum aims to bring together a combination of stakeholders in ASEAN, some of whom do not always interact in the same discussion space: journalists, editors and media trainers, economic experts to diplomatic analysts, development donors, academics specializing in ASEAN and regional issues, civil society groups, researchers, students and all those who remain students of Southeast Asia and ASEAN.

Registration forms to attend the media forum are available at http://bit.ly/reportingaseanmediaforum.

Organizations wishing to book parallel session slots on an ASEAN/regional topic of their choice, or hold their event in the forum may contact Reporting ASEAN at reportingasean@gmail.com to inquire about such arrangements.

Also at the media forum will be journalist-fellows accepted into the Reporting ASEAN’s program second phase, for whom the event will be part of education, exposure and preparation for their in-depth coverage of ASEAN issues in the succeeding months. Reporting ASEAN is now accepting applications for those media fellowship slots. Read about the calls for story proposals for the media fellowship here.

The journalists will have an editorial workshop on Dec 4, after the two-day public media forum.

The Reporting ASEAN media forum is being organized by Probe Media Foundation Inc, which hosts the larger Reporting ASEAN media program.

Its second phase (2016) is supported by an ASEAN-Canada project, funded by the Government of Canada. It is also in partnership with Air Asia, through collaboration with the ASEAN Foundation. The program started in 2014 with founding support by the Rockefeller Foundation as well as the ASEAN Foundation through the Japan-ASEAN Solidarity Fund.


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