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For Phil Media, 2017 Forum Offers Crash Course on ASEAN

MANILA, Dec 2 (Reporting ASEAN) – The year 2017 will be a red-letter one for the Philippines and its international standing. The country will be ASEAN chair, under a new government, during no less than the 50th year anniversary of the regional organization.

Are Philippine news organizations and their editorial teams ready to cover ASEAN, its for-ph-media-are-you-ready1nuances and intricacies? Are they well-versed to ask probing questions about its direction, the ASEAN Community that just marked a year’s anniversary, and the Philippines’ role in these?

The Reporting ASEAN media forum (www.reportingasean.net), to be held on Feb. 17-28, 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, is the professional media venue to attend to gain more skills to report better on ASEAN issues – in preparation for the high priority that ASEAN and foreign policy will have in the Philippine news agenda next year. Think of it as a crash course in covering and analyzing news related to ASEAN.

Consisting of plenary and parallel sessions, the forum will discuss key issues around ASEAN integration, the ASEAN Community and challenges in covering ASEAN as a regional story.

Keynote speakers will include AirAsia Group chief Tony Fernandes, representatives from the ASEAN secretariat, a mix of foreign policy experts from the region, editors and journalists. There will be a session on the Philippines’ chairing of ASEAN in 2017.

Registration forms are available at: http://bit.ly/reportingaseanmediaforum

Other information can be read at: https://www.reportingasean.net/reporting-asean-media-forum-moved-february-2017/

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