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News Tool : Reporting on a Stressed Planet: 16 Concepts

31 October 2022 | Updated 23 December 2022 | REPORTING ASEAN

Read/download the eBook here in English and here in Khmer!

‘Net-zero emissions’, ‘extreme weather events’, ‘noise pollution’ and ‘organic’ – these phrases have weaved their way into the news we consume and daily conversations we have.

Our everyday language now reflects our concerns as human beings who are living the realities of a planet under stress – much of it brought about by the way we have been living on Earth.

This handy news tool puts together a list of 16 concepts and terms that a journalist, or any communicator, would find useful for reportage, analysis and further inquiry into today’s most urgent stories – the climate emergency and the sustainability crisis.

Sustainability and climate change also invite journalists and newsrooms to look beyond traditional ways of beat reporting, since they are not confined to science or environment-focused coverage. They require a proficiency not only around current concepts, but in identifying how lifestyles, politics, development, science and values, are connected against the backdrop of sustainability.

‘Reporting on a Stressed Planet: 16 Concepts’, written by Reporting ASEAN editor/founder Johanna Son, is a departure point for doing these.

Illustrations by Le Chan Thinh and Khmer translation by Pov Novleakhena

Out now: Khmer edition | ១៦ គំនិតនៃការរាយការណ៍អំពីភពផែនដីដ៏តានតឹងមួយ 

Download/read English eBook here
ទាញយក ឬអានលើអនឡាញ ៖/Download/read Khmer edition here

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