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The Minefield of Reporting the Rohingya

BANGKOK, Apr 19 (Reporting ASEAN) – When the Myanmar Journalism Institute held a discussion on the Rohingya crisis, it had to be an “invitation only” event instead of a public one. In Myanmar media, it has become mainstream to avoid using the word ‘Rohingya’ and keep some distance from a topic that is too sensitive and too risky for the political and financial survival of news outlets.

In short, storytelling around the Rohingya, whose mass exodus from Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state after August 2017 has led to Southeast Asia’s biggest humanitarian crisis, has become a minefield.

The Rohingya issue has become tricky news territory, throwing challenges to those who produce news about it as well as those who consume it, both inside and outside the country.

To read the rest of this analysis: https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/1448370/the-minefield-of-reporting-the-rohingya

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