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Communication Arts Seminar: Reporting ASEAN

joCommunication Arts Seminar: Reporting ASEAN
(Hosted by the School of Communication Arts, Bangkok University)
Time and date: 2-4pm May 18, 2016
Location: Bangkok University, City Campus

‘ASEAN’ appears in media reports often, especially with the launch of the ASEAN Community. But it is often seen as being a faceless organisation far removed from people’s daily lives, one that is mostly about states instead of people – and a boring subject for media. How do these perceptions affect what we know of ASEAN, and our governments’ commitments under the ASEAN Community? How can media redefine what makes for ‘ASEAN news’ and tell stories that look into the benefits and costs of ASEAN integration?

Come listen to Johanna Son, a Bangkok-based editor and journalist who has covered Asian and ASEAN affairs, as well as Mekong-related issues, as she speaks at Bangkok University (City Campus) from 2-4pm on May 18. She has lived in Thailand for 16 years and runs the ‘Reporting ASEAN’ media fellowship programme. She has also designed media training and special programmes, and led multi-cultural journalists’ teams that produce newspapers at various conferences.


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