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From Child Sexual Abuse to Women’s Pen Power

From setting media’s sights on issues of child sexual abuse to featuring examples of how women can make a difference, the stories in ‘Scope’ provide a taste of gender and media issues – as well as some regional ones – that are relevant and current to Southeast Asia.

Scope’ puts together a collection of articles that not only come from different societies and contexts, but reflect the diversity of media cultures, reporting environments and styles, and ways of cooking, if you will, of various topics. In many cases, how the articles in this magazine were produced are stories by themselves, including in terms of how the journalists and writers looked for information, discussed this with their editors and made revisions.

(The Reporting ASEAN website, in collaboration with the Southeast Asian Press Alliance, published the work of the fellows in SEAPA”s 2017 fellowship program.)

Read more: https://www.seapa.org/scope-features-from-the-seapa-fellowship/

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