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PHILIPPINES: A Year After Disaster, Siargao Folk Put the Pieces of Life Back Together

One year after super typhoon Odette pummelled scenic Siargao island in December 2021, locals in the Philippines’ surfing capital –  the site of international surfing competitions – are bent on making their hometown stronger, better and an even more popular tourist haven. Still, there is nervousness about the changing behaviour of storms amid climate change.

Filipinos Most Worried About Climate Change, But Unaware of Policies

Filipinos are the most worried about climate change, given the high risk for disasters that their country faces. But a regional survey shows that they are not necessarily aware of the country’s climate policies, such as its lack of a net-zero target.

VIETNAM: ‘Why Don’t You Get an Electric Vehicle?’

HO CHI MINH CITY | 19 September 2022 At first, it seemed it would take forever to find an electric vehicle (EV) user in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly or still widely known as Saigon. In June, I sent out a bunch of messages to try to find someone who is using an EV, but […]

မြန်မာ။ ။ ‘အစိုးရိမ်ဆုံးကတော့ ကျွန်တော်တို့ လုံးဝပြန်နာလန်မထူနိုင် ဖြစ်သွားမှာကိုပဲ’

မြန်မာနိုင်ငံသည် ၂၀၂၁ ခုနှစ် စစ်အာဏာသိမ်းမှု ဖြစ်စဉ်မှစပြီး လူမှုအရင်းအမြစ်နှင့် သယံဇာတ အရင်းအမြစ်များ ဆက်တိုက် ဆုတ်ယုတ်လျော့ပါးမှုကြောင့် တိုင်းပြည်အခြေအနေ ဖရိုဖရဲဖြစ်မည့် အန္တရာယ်နှင့် ရင်ဆိုင်နေရသည်။ အနာဂတ်တွင် ကြုံရလာနိုင်သည့် စိတ်ပျက်အားလျော့ဖွယ် အနေအထားအပေါ် သဘာဝပတ်ဝန်းကျင်အရေး ဆောင်ရွက်ရာတွင် ထင်ရှားသူ တစ်ဦးဖြစ်သည့် ဦးဝင်းမျိုးသူက Reporting ASEAN နှင့် ဆွေးနွေးထားသည်။

Plugging Singapore into the ASEAN Power Grid

More than two decades after the ASEAN power grid became a regional commitment, it is far from being a network for transboundary trade in electricity. But this year, Singapore will finally receive electricity from Laos’ hydroelectric power.

Singapore: Fuelling Demand for Cleaner Energy

Singapore’s consumers can choose who they buy electricity from, but nurturing the demand for power from renewable sources will take more work and more time. The city-state will continue to rely on imports of natural gas, often seen a bridge fuel in energy transition.

Southeast Asia: Ways to Tread More Lightly on a Nervous Planet

‘Greener recovery’ and ‘building back better’ may sound like tired slogans to a pandemic-weary public. But the new year is a good time to look at ways of taking better care of our world, through these examples in Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia.

Singapore: Greening the Money

Sustainability investing sounds good, and Singapore has been pushing environmental, social and governance standards in business, finance and the economy. But how can sustainability and the quest for profit meet?

Singapore: Will the Cycling Fad Outlive the Pandemic?

It’s too early to tell if the popularity of cycling will continue, but it can be a complement to Singapore’s existing rail and bus network. The city-state’s cycling infrastructure was in place even before COVID-19.

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