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CAMBODIA: Young Enough to Drink

Alcohol, especially beer, is within too easy reach of young Cambodians, in a country where its health and social burdens are building up and worrying many.

For Myanmar’s Children in Exile, School is a Lifeline

Going to school helps the growing numbers of Myanmar children in exile cope with life away from home, across the border in Thailand. Parents find relief from seeing their kids in more normal circumstances, amid the uncertain future they often face.

Beyond the Scorching Heat: Earth Overload, Human Suffering and a Reboot

The scorching Thai summer has the writer adopting ways to make the heat a tad gentler – and makes her notice how different communities, from security thinkers to scientists, singers to meditation teachers, share many similar insights about how to restore some balance in planetary life.

For Myanmar’s Journalists, Online Attacks And Threats Are Daily Fare

An overwhelming majority of journalists from Myanmar say they feel quite vulnerable to attacks and threats in the country’s often-toxic online spaces, going by insights from a survey done by Reporting ASEAN. The use of safer digital tools, however, is not widespread among news professionals.


PHILIPPINES: A Year After Disaster, Siargao Folk Put the Pieces of Life Back Together

One year after super typhoon Odette pummelled scenic Siargao island in December 2021, locals in the Philippines’ surfing capital –  the site of international surfing competitions – are bent on making their hometown stronger, better and an even more popular tourist haven. Still, there is nervousness about the changing behaviour of storms amid climate change.

MYANMAR: ‘I Will Be A Journalist Till The End’

It is risky times for any independent journalist in Myanmar, but Ma Khine is among those who stay with their craft despite the risks to life and security, and the inadequate income from the news profession these days.

Filipinos Most Worried About Climate Change, But Unaware of Policies

Filipinos are the most worried about climate change, given the high risk for disasters that their country faces. But a regional survey shows that they are not necessarily aware of the country’s climate policies, such as its lack of a net-zero target.

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