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CAMBODIA: Young Enough to Drink

Alcohol, especially beer, is within too easy reach of young Cambodians, in a country where its health and social burdens are building up and worrying many.

A journey back to myself, amidst Gaza’s pain

Gaza’s tragedy is far from just distant news. It is also an invitation for this half-Palestinian professional, living in Southeast Asia, to get to know the Palestinian side of her identity.

Amando Doronila: A True-blue Newshound

The passing of Amando Doronila, one of the Philippines’ most respected journalists and former chief editor of the ‘Manila Chronicle’, brings back the journalistic lessons I learned from him. Among them – let your story speak for itself, and keep writing.

Uniting Myanmar’s Ethnic Minorities: A Challenging but Still Hopeful Task

Complicated histories and relations among Myanmar’s diverse ethnic communities make the goal of a federal union a daunting one. But possibilities emerge from a new governance forum set up in line with this federal future in Sagaing, the heartland of resistance by the Bamar ethnic majority – and a region that used to be free of conflicts that ethnic regions have been living with.

For Myanmar’s Children in Exile, School is a Lifeline

Going to school helps the growing numbers of Myanmar children in exile cope with life away from home, across the border in Thailand. Parents find relief from seeing their kids in more normal circumstances, amid the uncertain future they often face.

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