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ASEAN Leaders Programme Needs You!

Are you a leader in your ASEAN country? Eager to help solve the problems of your society, challenge yourself in tackling an issue facing ASEAN as a community?

If so, you can apply for the ASEAN Leaders Programme, which for this year will focus on the following challenge: “What makes a city smart?” Applications are being accepted at www.commonpurpose.org/asean for the programme that starts in June 2016 in Singapore.

The ASEAN Leaders Programme is being launched by Common Purpose, an international leadership development organisation, with the support of GE and in partnership with the ASEAN Foundation.

The leadership development programme is an annual initiative that will bring together 70 senior leaders from across ASEAN, from all sectors and walks of life. According to Common Purpose, the programme will act as a catalyst, bringing together leaders from the world of finance, manufacturing, civil service, statutory bodies, academia, the not-for-profit sector and more, to spark a robust exchange of ideas. “It aims to help leaders build strong connections, share knowledge and develop the Cultural Intelligence needed to grow ASEAN both in the context of its cities and as a region.”

The inaugural part will be held on June 27 to July 1, 2016 in Singapore. Participating fees are 10,000 Singapore dollars, and scholarships and partially funded slots are available for “applicants who are genuinely unable to meet the fee criteria”.

The programme is looking for participants who are exceptional leaders at a senior, strategic level in their societies; are able to demonstrate significant influence in their current roles; are close to the pinnacle of their careers with ambition to achieve more; are passionate about the potential of the ASEAN region and excited about the opportunity provided by the programme.

“As global citizens we recognize the need for strong leadership to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing, complex and boundary-less world,” said Wouter van Wersch, President and CEO of GE ASEAN. “At GE we believe that the individual excellence of people, and the collective progress that they will generate across all sectors and communities, will pave the way to success. That’s why we have partnered with Common Purpose to support the ASEAN Leaders Programme as it enables us to invest in the development of local leaders that will go on to make a difference in the cities and the communities where we are active in ASEAN.”

Elaine Tan, Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation said: “We are excited to partner with Common Purpose on this excellent initiative that brings senior leaders from ASEAN together to build connections across the region and work collaboratively to solve its common challenges. An opportunity for students to connect and exchange ideas with senior leaders is a wonderful approach that deepens inter-generational engagement and strengthens people-participation in ASEAN matters.”

“The ASEAN Leaders Programme will play a part in strengthening the notion of the ASEAN Community by bringing together leaders from across the ASEAN who ordinarily would not meet,” said Adirupa Sengupta, CEO of Common Purpose Asia Pacific. The programme will give the region, with its reputation for being a high-growth economic sector, a greater people-focus to help find solutions to complex regional problems as it looks within itself and beyond.”

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