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About reportingasean.net

ASEANnews.net is a venue for discussion of current news and issues around ASEAN regionalism and integration, including the development and social issues these raise for the more than 640 million people in this region.

ASEANnews.net and the Reporting ASEAN media programme it is part of are independent of ASEAN or any ASEAN entity, but encourages greater editorial investment by the media in the story of regional integration that is here to stay.

While ASEAN and the ASEAN Community have received a lot more mention in the media and have better recall among publics in Southeast Asia in the last few years, news coverage of it remains heavily focused on following its summits, annual meetings and high-profile events. Many news reports relay what their officials say or do at ASEAN meetings, but far fewer investigate the impact of decisions or policies made at the state level or look at ASEAN regionalism, identity of sense or community. Many media houses in ASEAN countries have long relied on coverage produced by non-regional or western news agencies or syndicates that follow issues of interest their own, non-ASEAN, audiences.

This event-based definition of ASEAN-focused news often leaves little room for in-depth analysis and investigation of the role and impact of ASEAN’s brand of regional integration. It also means that many articles tend to carry the voices and views of governments and state officials, rather than those from ASEAN’s constituency itself. These leave room for a space in the media for independent, critical analyses of issues related to ASEAN integration and community-building, especially as ASEAN leaders look to integration plans until 2040.


The articles on this website, be it those produced by journalists from ASEAN countries, analysts and experts, or material curated by the Reporting ASEAN desk, offer readers a mix of voices and views around issues and trends relevant to South-east Asia’s key regional grouping and the development of its peoples.

ASEANnews.net is maintained by the news desk of the Reporting ASEAN programme, a homegrown training venue that focuses on strengthening skills in storytelling and in-depth reporting and analyses of ASEAN-related issues. Since 2016, Reporting ASEAN has been hosted by the Philippine-based Probe Media Foundation Inc, a non-profit organization that specializes in the capacity-building of media professionals.


Reporting ASEAN is currently managing the 2018-2019 Integration Series for Cambodia-Lao PDR-Myanmar-Vietnam (CLMV Integration Series). This capacity-building project is supported by the Lower Mekong Initiativeregional program of the US State Department (US Embassy in Bangkok) and the Heinrich BöllFoundation Southeast Asia.

This page was first created in 2011 as part of the ‘Reporting Development in ASEAN’ project, the precursor program to Reporting ASEAN that was supported by the International Development Research Centreafter its development by Bangkok-based editor Johanna Son.

Reporting ASEAN built on the webpage after the programme’s launch in 2014 by Son, who has covered regional issues for more than three decades and developed the project when she was still with IPS Asia-Pacific news agency.

Reporting ASEAN has three components: a feature series found here on this website, a media fellowship and a media forum/conference series. It also works on developing knowledge resources for the use of journalists and communicators on reporting on ASEAN issues, including in local languages given the major role of such in the region’s media context.

Reporting ASEAN has worked with nearly 50 journalists from ASEAN countries to date. It has held two media forums with workshops (2015, 2017) and one editorial workshop (April 2019).

It also produced the book ‘Reporting Development in ASEAN’ in 2012, as well as a content analysis looking at how newspapers in ASEAN countries cover ASEAN-related issues.

Founding support for Reporting ASEAN was from the Rockefeller Foundation. Past partners have included the Asia Foundation, the Canadian government (Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives), the ASEAN CSR Network, the ASEAN Foundation/Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund/Bangkok Bank.

Editor: Johanna Son  – For information, please write: reportingasean@gmail.com

(April 2018)


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