Indonesia Pollution Aug Nadya
LENSES: Sustainability
Artwork: Nadya Noor

Pollution from coal dust - which this woman tries to wipe off her window - is among the costs of Indonesia's heavy reliance on the fossil fuel.

LENSES: Sustainability
Artwork: 2fight

A warming world is our present-moment reality, as shown by a summer of blistering heat in Southeast Asia, including Thailand.

Dams-1600 (1)

Amid today’s dams, the Mekong’s Naga finds its home waters a challenge.

Compare-1600 (1)

The Mekong region’s lower-technology, rich-coloured environment of the past — versus today.

Environment and coup-01
LENSES: Sustainability
Artwork: 2fight

Myanmar: Trying to playing the sustainability tune?

asean-carbon colored
LENSES: Sustainability
Artwork: Albert Rodriguez
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LENSES: Sustainability
Artwork: Toch Thina

What will happen to Cambodia’s Tonle Sap, which is much more than a lake?

CAMBODIA: For Women Farmers, Solar Power Brings Much More Than Electricity

Cambodia’s women farmers are adversely affected by climate change. But that also makes them the leaders in a project that aims to support their businesses, improve climate resilience and use solar power to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Southeast Asia’s Peatlands, Seen Through the Haze

Peatlands are often discussed in the context of fires and the haze, but are also a meaningful part of the conversation about the climate crisis in an already too-hot planet.


Views and Points

CLIMATE CRISIS: ‘Is the role of media to make people more hopeless? We have to turn helplessness into solutions’

The media need to be useful in our search to fix a broken climate, says Kunda Dixit, author of ‘Dateline Earth: Journalism As If the Planet Mattered’. Reporting Asean’s Johanna Son speaks to him soon after the release of the book’s third edition.

SOUTHEAST ASIA: ‘Haze is not high among the list of concerns because of its seasonal nature’

Haze has been a chronic problem for Southeast Asia over nearly three decades. Reporting ASEAN talks to Dr Helena Varkkey about how the conversation around haze, and fires that cause them, is changing and the challenges to ASEAN’s management of a touchy issue.


Amando Doronila: A True-blue Newshound

The passing of Amando Doronila, one of the Philippines’ most respected journalists and former chief editor of the ‘Manila Chronicle’, brings back the journalistic lessons I learned from him. Among them – let your story speak for itself, and keep writing.

Tools for Journalists

News Tool : Reporting on a Stressed Planet: 16 Concepts

31 October 2022 | Updated 23 December 2022 | REPORTING ASEAN Read/download the eBook here in English and here in Khmer! ‘Net-zero emissions’, ‘extreme weather events’, ‘noise pollution’ and ‘organic’ – these phrases have weaved their way into the news we consume and daily conversations we have. Our everyday language now reflects our concerns as […]

A Real-World Tool in Newspeak – ‘Gender on Our News Radar: A View from Southeast Asia’

If you haven’t yet noticed, the conversations around gender in news and public spaces have been changing – in ways that were hard to imagine even a few years ago. Drawing from news realities, this 64-page book explains how gender-informed storytelling is an investment in spotting and producing ing nuanced, engaging news reports.

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